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  • "Revit Family Organizer 2017 Build # was released on 05/22/2017. It has enhanced a lot of features and addressed many issues, especially regarding those in the Material Organizer. Some others include the Load Selected Families into Current Revit Session in batch and those tools about Material Parameters. Free to update from any earlier 2017 and 2016 builds."
  • "Revit Project Organizer 2017 was released on 02/18/2017. It supports Revit 2017 along with 2016/2015/2014. It has more than 30 new features added and many existing ones greatly enhanced. In addition, various site license options are provided. The best of all, any 2016 builds can be upgraded to it for free. Its online help was also updated accordingly."
  • "Revit Parameter Organizer 2016 Special was released on 02/05/2017. It supports Revit 2017 additionally. It also has new features, e.g. adding Keep Value option to Replacers, showing Formulas and Values in Viewers, editing Formulas and Values in Editors, adding Family Parameters Batch Changer. Free to update from any earlier 2016 builds."

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The NET Spider Studio (NSS) consists of a group of people who love the .NET technology and its derivatives from Microsoft, Autodesk and other game players. They create addins and tools for some big and popular software products and platforms, which adopt the .NET technology, including but not limited to Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Windows itself. People in NET Spider Studio also write thousands of posts introducing these beautiful and powerful .NET technologies and maintain some related blogs.

We have devoted to programming for decades in the BIM/CAD and Windows software industry, from the earliest Basic and AutoLISP era, to the very powerful but complex C/C++ time, and finally to the mordern .NET world. Besides excellent programming skills, we also have very strong Architectural and Engineering backgrounds, thus we know what you (architects, designers, engineers, and constructors) really need. Try us and you will be happy. The best of all, you can get your work done more reliably and efficiently, thus get much better return sooner.

We try out best to provide you, our dear customers, the best software products and services, in a timely manner. We try our best to make our software easy to use, reliable, expandable, and affordable at the same time.

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