It is a powerful addin for Revit. It works with Revit versions 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 (both x64 and x86, all flavors such as Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, Revit MEP, Revit, and various Bundles). It helps organize Revit projects in many different and good ways.

It provides various comprehensive Creators, Duplicators, Loaders, Placers, Copiers, Arrangers, Inspectors, Suite Organizers, Editors, Flippers, Exporters, Importers, ReNumbers, ReNamers, Cleaners, Selection Organizers, and nice powerful tools such as Revit Settings, Revit Files Upgrader, Revit Events Monitor, Model Fonts Setter, Revit Failures Handler, Problematic Elements Isolator, Revit Issues Fixer, Revit Dialogs Suppresser, Revit Model Purger, Element Hider & Seeker, Elements Browser, Revit Document Locator, Elements Alias Namer, and so on in a single package, which is free download and free trial.


It has 124 tools in total so far: (18 for Setup tools, 38 for Process tools, 31 for Refinement tools, 19 for Cleanup tools, 15 for Gadgets, and 3 for Information)

Setup tools (18):


Process tools (38):


Refinement tools (31):


Cleanup tools (19):


Gadgets (15):


Information (3):


We'd like to thank Fritz Faass from Chapman Taylor very much. He is not only a very professional user but also contributed many constructive comments and even provided some prototypes for a few nice commands such as Position Doors, Slice Walls and Problematic Elements Isolator. Best wishes to him!

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